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JM Green studied professional writing at RMIT. Her first novel, GOOD MONEY, introducing Stella Hardy, was shortlisted in the Victorian Premier’s Prize for an Unpublished Manuscript, the Ned Kelly Best First Fiction and the Davitt for Best Debut Crime Book. Published by Scribe Publications, it is available from all good bookstores. TOO EASY, the next Stella Hardy novel, will be out in 2017. She lives in the western suburbs of Melbourne.

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‘With a big heart, a loud mouth, a thirst for alcohol and a propensity for choosing the wrong man to love, Stella Hardy is a wisecracking flawed heroine, and a promising addition to Australian crime fiction.’
The Saturday Paper
‘[The] characters are complex, engaging and, most of all, real. You find yourself caring for them, laughing with them, and forgetting that this book is only paper-thin. The plot itself is clever and suspenseful, but it is the enigmatic and three-dimensional portrayals that make Good Money extra special.’
Eliza Graves-Brown, Lip Mag
‘Gritty and terrifically engaging, this hardboiled story with its matching prose had me hooked from the first page. Leading lady Stella Hardy is a charming mix of chaotic and cool. She had me grinning like an accomplice as I read. The authentic characters and dry humour lift Good Money to that most satisfying place — unique, intriguing, quality crime. Green is an assured and bold new author doing already what great crime novelists do — delivering a bloody good story.’
Honey Brown, award-winning author of After the Darkness and Through the Cracks
‘Stella Hardy is certainly a witty and engaging heroine, although as a Saints supporter clearly doomed. A satisfying romp through corporate and political corruption, love, drugs, sex and the Western suburbs.’
Annie Hauxwell, author of the Catherine Berlin thriller series
‘The narrative flows as easily as the Maribyrnong River; Green is a welcome addition to the growing coterie of Australian female crime writers.’
Thuy On, Sunday Age
‘Green writes with a dry humour and wit that is enjoyable and more importantly, relatable … The novel progresses at a cracking pace and readers will have no time to be bored.’
Pakenham Gazette
‘A rattling good story.’
The West Australian
‘Set in Melbourne’s western suburbs, the story races along with action scenes that have just the right amount of gritty reality to ensure that readers are along for the ride. Leading lady Stella is in equal parts engaging, exasperating and entertaining and I hope we see her in another outing soon.’
Maryanne Vagg, Good Reading