Shoot Through

A stella hardy novel

Stella Hardy, the wisecracking social worker, is back to tackle crooked private contractors, an exotic cattle scam, and a delicious Mushroom Jalfrezi.

All Stella Hardy wants is a romantic country getaway with her artist boyfriend, Brophy. Instead, she must head to the Athol Goldwater Agricultural Prison (aka Arsehole Bogwater) to visit her jailbird brother, Ben, and sort out some ‘urgent’ family paperwork. But Stella has barely set foot in the prison when a prisoner, Joe Phelan, is found dead.

Before she knows it, Stella finds herself tasked, against her will, with investigating Joe’s suspicious death away from the eyes of police, including her best friend, Detective Phuong Nguyen. Her old nemesis Minister for Justice Marcus Pugh is pressuring her from above to save his election-year bacon, and Joe’s old friend and former gang member, Percy Brash, is providing a much more chilling form of pressure from below, promising to reduce her to mush and bone fragments if she doesn’t give him the name of Joe’s killer, and soon.

As the clock counts down, Stella becomes embroiled in a story of corruption, conspiracy, and high-tech cattle-wrangling, all while trying to manage her brother’s pregnant girlfriend, Loretta, get to the bottom of Brophy’s increasingly strange behaviour, and evade the murderous intentions of a shadowy mercenary. And then things get really crazy. It’s Stella’s last hurrah, and she’s going out with a bang.


A great read … Wisecracking good fun.

Very enjoyable, with a great cast of characters and some nice twists.

Green peppers Stella’s adventures with sarcastic asides and light political commentary, which leavens the narrative without detracting from the fast-paced action.

Green has written another edge of your seat thriller. A crime thriller peppered with the desert-dry dark humour I’ve come to love … an action-packed conclusion to a much loved Aussie crime series.

Stella is every bit the smart-talking, cynical, hardboiled investigator … The gritty descriptions of the city read like a love letter to Melbourne’s colour and edge … The tension grows as the plot unfolds, but there are also unexpected moments of laughter and relief in the form of Stella’s wry and sarcastic observations.

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About the author

More about J.M. Green

J.M. Green lives and works on the unceded land of the Jadawadjali people in Western Victoria. Her work has appeared in Overland and The Guardian. Her debut novel, GOOD MONEY (2015) is the first in a hardboiled trilogy to feature social worker and accidental detective Stella Hardy.