Too Easy

the road to hell has to start somewhere

Wisecracking social worker Stella Hardy returns, and this time she’s battling outlaw bikie gangs, corrupt cops, and a powerful hunger for pani puri.

On a stormy Halloween night, Stella gets a call from her best friend, Detective Phuong Nguyen. Phuong has a problem. Or rather her lover, Bruce Copeland, does.

Copeland has been implicated in a police-corruption scandal, and the only person who can help prove his innocence has disappeared. The missing man is Isaac Mortimer, a drug dealer associated with the notorious motorcycle gang The Corpse Flowers. Reluctantly, Stella offers to help track him down — and it isn’t long before she is way in over her head: evading bikies, drinking tea with drug dealers, and, worst of all, hanging out in the Macca’s carpark with a bunch of smart-alec teenagers.

Then, when Stella discovers that local street kids are being groomed for some sinister purpose — and that a psychopath with bust face tattooed across his knuckles is pursuing her — she realises she has her work cut out for her.

Sounds easy? Too easy.


Stella Hardy rips through her world with wit, guts, brains and vulnerability, blazing fresh trails through the twisted urban landscapes of modern Australia. J.M. Green’s prose is blistering — funny, real and nuanced in just the right proportions. This is my kind of crime writing

Stella Hardy is wonderful — all over the place, like a broken compass, and yet she always manages to head in the right direction. Funny, complex, and very human, in Stella, J.M. Green has created a character readers simply love.

Green’s heroine is sharp and sassy and as hard-boiled as a 10-minute egg … There is more than enough intrigue to keep the pages turning and enough classy dialogue to raise a wry smile. Bleak but chic.

On the noirish side of comic farce, this is an absolutely terrific series, with a strong sense of the melting pot of different cultures and backgrounds, and the smells, sights and sounds that go with that, plus great characters, pitch-perfect dialogue and a sharp, dry, acerbic sense of humour.

[JM Green] has captured the essence of Melbourne living, provided a thoroughly modern heroine and a supporting cast that oozes familiarity in a story that is an absolute hoot, where even the scary bits are tinged with comedy.

J M Green’s latest crime thriller, Too Easy, has been voted by our subscribing librarians as their favourite read from our October issue!

More great crime fiction from a writer who continues to hone her craft.

This is astute and wickedly funny writing, deliciously enthralling. Five stars does not do this book justice!

Too Easy is a cracking read — the ultimate Aussie crime page turner.

Stella Hardy is a character who loves completely and fiercely, and is loyal to a fault.

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About the author

More about J.M. Green

J.M. Green lives and works on the unceded land of the Jadawadjali people in Western Victoria. Her work has appeared in Overland and The Guardian. Her debut novel, GOOD MONEY (2015) is the first in a hardboiled trilogy to feature social worker and accidental detective Stella Hardy.